How to Locate the Septic System

In most cases, there is a diagram of the  system on your property survey; the septic tank indicated by a rectangle and the cesspool by a circle

If the cesspool is buried beneath a lawn, there is often a tell-tale, circular area of deep green and luxurient growth directly over it.

The plumbing inside your house can indicate the general area in which the  buried components of the system lie.

Look for a large pipe (4″ in diameter) that protrudes through the foundation. This is the waste or sewer line and the septic tank and or cesspools are located somewhere along this pipe outside the house. This give you an indication as to where the system is in relation to the house.

If the exact location of you system stiil eludes you, it’s a good idea to have professionals locate the system for you.

In general, it’s a good idea to know where all the buried utilities on your property are located, and especially so if you are planning a project involving excavation or paving. It’s also very important to take measurements and diagram the location of the utilities. It can save you a ton of money and aggravation.

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